Thursday, June 15, 2006

Today we went to the GuangZhou Zoo. We were supposed to go to the Folk Art Museum but we begged off that one and asked to take the kids to the zoo instead. Good Choice.

Heather was able to see her first live panda. It was big, lazy and fat!! But Very cute!!!! Unfortunately I do not have a picture as we cannot upload our own pictures onto this computer and Teresa's pictures did not turn out as it was so dark. However we did see giraff's, elephants, Zebras and other neat animals.

The zoo was very empty except for a few Kindergarten and preschool classes. The kids were darling.

Heather is not fond of the bathroom situation over here and giggles every time she has to use one. Quite a few of the bathrooms are normal but most of them are like this picture below. Hannah is an old pro but Heather would rather not get

used to this.

We have seen some strange animals here. a very large snail right in the middle of town which we did not get a picture of and a strange looking Catepillar.

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