Thursday, June 15, 2006

The first picture is of us out for dinner last night. We had Amy, who is the daughter of Shiyan who works for Bethany, take us to a good Chinese Restaurant last night. We had walked past this place before and we had seen the food swimming in the tanks in front of the restuarant and our appetite would go away. However last night we went in and what we saw was a very nice place to eat. Amy ordered for us and we had a really awesome dinner!! It was so good!!!!

We are getting spoiled with all the good food here.

These pictures of Nathan and Hannah were take at the exact spot where she was found. She was found at the entrance of a biscuit and cracker factor. Near the spot is also a large shopping district which mean her birthmother left her in a safe place where she was sure to be found. We were also told that her birthfamily were probably farmers that lived somewhere nearby.

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