Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Finally after a 3 month Hiatus Phase 10 is back!! This is Mark and Cheri and they are wonderful good friends!!! We have so much fun with them and our games can get pretty wicked and down right mean but we wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Yes Mark is chowing down on a huge plate of food and it looks like we are starving but in reality its because he had to work while th rest of us had dinner and so we brought him some take home!! What else is crazy it looks like no children in the picture!! They were actually either playing downstairs or watching a movie or playing outside. With us two couples we have 8 kids so there is always some noise coming from some where!!

For a small update Hannah is doing very well. Her language is unbelievable!!! I hardly ever hear Cantonese from her anymore except when she is signing. Hard to believe that child can only be here for 3 months and understand so much of what we tell her in English. She is sleeping well, she eats great. She hold her own with her 4 brothers and sisters!! We are so blessed to have her as our daughter!!! Posted by Picasa