Friday, December 21, 2007

Thought I should show you that Hannah and Caleb really do play well together.
He will even play polly pockets with her. What a good brother. He did want me to tell you that he will ONLY play the boys and with the jet skis!! :)

Not a ton going on today at our house. We are going to have a babysitter tonight and we will be going to some friends house for a Christmas get together. We always have lots of fun, laughs and food!! Just my kind of night!! :)
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Nate took these pictures a week ago Saturday.
It is lots of fun to watch the turkeys hanging out!!
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Nikolas!!!

Happy 11th birthday Nikolas!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ten years ago today!!!

December 16Th marks a big day in our house!!! Ten years ago today Judge Bogdonava granted our petition to adopt Vasily Nikoleavitch Nadeleav!!

This picture is of our court house!!!

This is a picture of us just after our court hearing. Next to me in the middle is Judge Bogdonova. She s such a sweet woman. on the lower hand corner next to Nate is our translator Andrei (we still keep in touch with him) and then of course our facilitator Alex on the other side of Nate. We were able to have lunch with Mrs. Bogdonova when we traveled back in 2002 to adopt Katie and she was so happy to see us and to hear about Nikolas.

This is Nik's last time in the baby home. He fell asleep on my lap and woke up in our apartment. Its hard to believe how little he was at that time!!!

This is where Nikolas slept. We had no crib for him then. He fit so nice in the suitcase!!!

This is on our way home from Russia!! our first family picture!!
We were gone for 3 weeks and we arrived home on New Years Eve!!
It was so awesome to start the Brand new year in our home with our new son!!!

Here is Nikolas today!! On December 19Th he will turn 11 years old. It brings tears to my eyes how he as grown into such a sweet young man. He has a heart of Gold and would do anything for anybody.
Nothing is perfect but watching him mature into a young man who loves the Lord just makes my heart so happy!!!
Nikolas we were so blessed to day you were placed into our arms and we thank the Lord for you ever day!!!!!