Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We just received an email with our in-China itinerary!! This seems more real each and every day.
For those of you who would like to follow along with our journey I will post what we will be doing!!

June 8 - Arrive in Beijing at 9:25 pm

June 9 - Free day

June 10 - Visit Tinanmen Square, the Forbidden city and we go on some Hutong tour. We then go to an Acrobatic show in the the evening.

June 11 - Visit Great wall and the Closionne Factory. We then fly out that night to Guangzhou and to the famous White Swan Hotel.

June 12 - Gotcha day!!!!! Today we meet Hannah!!!!!!!!

June 13 - Adoption registration and notarization

June 14 - Nate's birthday and we get a free day!

June 15 - Visit Guanzhou folk Art Museum

June 16 - Visa pictures and medical exam

June 17 - Free day

June 18 - Visit Yuexiu Park

June 19 - Visa appointment (we get Hannah's visa to
come to the United States

June 20 - 3:00 pm. Go to the consulsate and take the
oath to pick up visa.

June 21 - We come home.

Hard to believe in 20 more days we will have another daughter!!!!