Monday, August 18, 2008

more birthday party pics!

Katie and Heather 10th birthday party

Katie was born in June and Heather was born in November!
The kicker is they were both born in 1998! So this past Saturday
We did a 10 year old birthday party for the both of them.
We did this at a local hotel and they had pizza, birthday cake and were able to
Swim for almost 3 hours!!! They seemed to all have a lot of fun!!!
A huge thank you to Nate and my friend Tammy for sticking around to help me

More Cottage fun

Reposting these pictures!

Cottage fun

A few weekends ago we went to some friends cottage for the day. The kids had so much fun. We actually did as well!!!

This is Susan
This is her husband Jim.
Caleb playing with their son James. Caleb for some reason just love hanging
with the older kids!! :)
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