Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Yonkers!!

The Lord's Light Within

Lord we reflect with thankful hearts
On the wonder of your birth
The love you expressed when you left
Your glory to come to earth

For your life was like a beacon, Lord
Shining brightly in the night
Filling the world with the radiance of
The Father’s glorious light

And we, too, long to have inside
Your light for others to see
The beautiful reflection of your grace
And the wonder of your majesty

For as your life indwells our hearts
We can shine wherever we are
And arise to take hold of each new day
With your light ablaze in our hearts

So rekindle the flame within us Lord
So it will not flicker nor dim
Ignite us with the light of your love
So you will shine brightly within

© By M.S.Lowndes ~ 2007

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Thank you Diane for the award!!

With this award I am supposed to list 5 addictions and pass it on to 5 friends.
Here's my (top 5) addiction list:

1. Caffeine Free Diet Coke
2. Internet
3. Chocolate
4. Chinese food
5. Househunters

I am passing this one too:
Tara Livesay
Cheri Battjes
Julie Reeder
Kathy Friend
Anita Davison Hiehle

Sunday Snow Day!!!

Another blustery snow day. We slept in and made pancakes from scratch. We were out of pancake mix so I headed to the Internet to find a recipe for a homemade mix. It turned out really well. I will add it here soon. It was VERY easy. We then added a can of pumpkin, to be different, and they tasted so good. Nate then started a fire downstairs and we played a mean game of Disney Monopoly. Katie ended up bring the winner!!

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Nikolas's Birthday party

Nikolas picked Chinese for his birthday so my parents came with us. My wonderful father first came over and plowed out our driveway and then Nikolas opened presents from them.

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