Friday, December 22, 2006

We will be gone a lot between now and Christmas day so I wanted to take this time to wish all my friends and family a wonderful Christmas!!!!!

May Christ always be the center of your life!!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

These are a little dark but I could not resist posting them. They will hate me for this but it is worth it!!

Here is Jeff and Nate Racing on the Bungee bounce toy. It was pretty funny!!!!!!

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Heather as she fell off the Velcro wall.

A huge Thank you to our good friend Jeff Janssen who braved this birthday party with us!!! We are very grateful to him!! :)
Here he is with Grace trying to throw her up on the Velcro wall.

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Faith and Katie

I am bummed that the pictures on the slides turned out a little fuzzy. This was a cute on of Grace. What happened is just as I snapped the picture caleb came down the slide and the camera tried to focus on that motion instread of Grace lying there.

Here is Nikolas on the Velcro wall. Nate left him up there a while and we kept teasing him that we were going to leave for Ice cream and come back later. He was soooo stuck. Posted by Picasa
Hannah stuck on the velcro wall. She wasn't so sure about being in that position.

Here is Katie on the Velcro wall. We did learn that if you have long hair you really need to keep it pulled up because it can get caught in your suit. Sorry Grace. We also decided that we needed on of these walls in our house for if the kids need a time out. You can but a suit on them and stick them up on the wall and there is no where they can go!!!

I actually have a movie of this and I know I will not get it to work but its a great one with Nate on the bungee toy. Posted by Picasa
Yesterday my sweet little boy turned 10. 9 years ago this today (Dec 20th) a little 12 month old boy named Vasily was placed in our arms at the baby home. We were first time parents and had no idea what to do with this little person. 9 years later we still do not know what to do with him but we sure do love him!!!

For his birthday this year he wanted to go to crazy bounce. If I can get my pictures to work I should have some to share.

Mr. Janssen graciously came with us and I even got a few pictures of him on some of the bounce toys. I couldn't hardly get any on the slides as they were just moving to fast and the pictures would get blurred.