Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More pictures of Third Day!!!

There are no pictures of David Crowder. I will have to see if I can find one on the Internet because he has quite a unique look!!!

Anyways I highly recommend seeing Third Day. They have a powerful show!!! Posted by Picasa
Last Thursday night (10/12) we went and saw Third Day/David Crowder/Hyper static Union. Wow!! great concert!! We went with a group of 8 of us and had a blast. I highly recommend going and seeing this groups or if you if you do not know who they are look up their music and purchase their Cd's. Here are some pictures from the concert.
This is Joanie (in White), myself of course in Blue,
Cheri next to me in a teal shirt and in back of Cheri is Sandy. Cheri's Husband Mark was also there but somehow he escaped he pictures.

This is John and Diane.

Mac Powell and Third day!! Posted by Picasa