Monday, November 26, 2007

Answers to a few of the Random facts

It has been a strange day today. My kids have the day off from school yet. They haven't been so bad but its just been different having them home on a Monday. Tomorrow will seem so easy with only 2 home!

I also thought I would give those of you who do not know me so well the answers to two of my Random facts.

I was adopted when I was 7 weeks old so I was born as the oldest to my birthmother, who I have had the blessings to meet! I have 1 half sister that is just 1 year younger than me. Mybirthfather also has 4 children all younger than me!

I was raised as a youngest and I have one brother that is 5 years older than me!!

I bet Physciatrists would love to figure that one out!!

I was born with the name. Sandra Lynn McDowell When I was adopted it was changed to Brenda Joy!

I have to laugh someone the other day at biolife (where I donate plasma) said goodbye to me but she called me Sandy. I didn't even realize it at the time. The next time I saw her she apologized to me and then it dawned on me that I was that name at one time in my life!! LOL

I told her that and we got a good laugh out of it!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

8 random facts

Cheri tagged me to do this meme.
You list 8 random facts and then tag 8 people.
It's an easy one so thought I'd do it!
1. I was born the oldest and was raised the youngest
2. I have been to China, Russia (3 times), Haiti (2 times), Japan, Switzerland, Canada
3. I have 5 children
4. I was born with a different name than I have now. (I do not mean married name)
5. I have been married for 17 years (got married at age 19)
6. I am left handed
7. I love being a missionary
8. I love Chinese food.
I'm tagging the following people:
Tara, Kimberly, Kathy, Tory, Anna, Dawn S, Karla, Tiffany