Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Heather with eli's little girl.
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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pictures of our room

This where we sleep. We do not spend ton of time in this room. Its very rustic and simple but its been very comfortable.
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The way we do things.

Showers: using a bucket of water and a small bowl.

Flushing the toilet: bucket of water.

Laundry: one tub for washing, 2 for rinsing. We use and old washboard my mom had. We are thankful for that. (I miss my washing machine the most)

Refrigeration: we have a small camping size refrigerator but use the freezer for everything else.

Vehicle: we have a small car here (thank you Wilson) but if its close we walk. Yesterday we had 10 people in a car that is meant for 5. We had some fun times.

Shopping: mostly go to the markets. Its an everyday experience. Usually the cooks or one of the boys go. The best store here (where my caffeine free diet coke was found) is located in a gas station.

Electricity: usually on from 6PM-6AM. Unless there is a soccer game on. Then they short us a night. Would rather have power at night.

anything else you want to know let us know!

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Pastor George, joseu', boss and Caleb singing and drumming.
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Sunday, July 04, 2010


Isn't this picture beautiful?

I have been asked a few times what my days look like. They are not all the same but for the most here it is in a nutshell.

We get up anywhere between 5 and 7, depending on when the fan goes off. Once the fan is off its hard to sleep. Plus its already daylight. We eat breakfast around 8am. If we do not have a team here the kids do the dishes . The next few things are thrown in through out the day. Every other day we have discipleship essentials. This usually goes for 2-3 hours. On the other days we do laundry. It is very time consuming. Especially after a team leaves and we have the extra towels and sheets. On Tuesday and Thursday we have kid's club. It is isually from 7-8. The Kids sing, do memory verses and other fun stuff. We had over 30 Kids last week so it is growing. A lot of afternoons the Kidd come into the yard and play soccer or to play with the other balls. It is fun to go outside the gate and hear the Kids all yelling our names. Cool relationships being built. We eat dinner around 5PM. It gets dark so early here so right after we go for walks to different places to witness and to play with the Kids. Last night we drove to a tent city we found along side of the road. Found out they have had no help. 3 new people accepted Christ! We also prayed over other Christians there. It was a peaceful place. They are all in tents. Not very good ones either. They were from the mountains and there are over 450 people. They are tents made out of sticks, sheets and very old tarps. Not very good. They are still praising the Lord. No toilets there. We are going to help them with that project amd anything else the Lord provides us with. Some nights we hang out by the water and the kids come running. This week, at the park, there had been a revival of some sort. We have been hanging out there and listening to the music. Last night they did God of this city In creole. Awesome! Nate has lots of meetings during the day with the pastors. We do have some down time as well. The Kids are doing well. If you have any specific questions for us email us at.

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Lake mirragon.
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