Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The way we do things.

Showers: using a bucket of water and a small bowl.

Flushing the toilet: bucket of water.

Laundry: one tub for washing, 2 for rinsing. We use and old washboard my mom had. We are thankful for that. (I miss my washing machine the most)

Refrigeration: we have a small camping size refrigerator but use the freezer for everything else.

Vehicle: we have a small car here (thank you Wilson) but if its close we walk. Yesterday we had 10 people in a car that is meant for 5. We had some fun times.

Shopping: mostly go to the markets. Its an everyday experience. Usually the cooks or one of the boys go. The best store here (where my caffeine free diet coke was found) is located in a gas station.

Electricity: usually on from 6PM-6AM. Unless there is a soccer game on. Then they short us a night. Would rather have power at night.

anything else you want to know let us know!

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Mari said...

This is a great post - helps us to understand how you are living. Thanks!

Melissa said...

Thanks for all the updates and pictures! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time and doing a lot of different things. It was neat to se how you do things!