Friday, November 02, 2007


We saw some beautiful rock formations in Wisconsin! I didn't realize that it was such a pretty state.
We crossed the bridge below coming into Minnesota. I had also taken a picture of the sign as we passed it but of course my camera chose that moment to shut down.

We are having a great time so far. Diane and Tori went to visit Ikea and we took the kids and spent the day in the pool and at Cabela's which is right down the street. I did get pictures of that but I will have to upload them later.

We talked to Troy and Phoebe and Hope are sick. Pray that they are well for tomorrow. We are very excited. Troy and Tara are coming to get us around 8:30 in the morning and then we get to go help set up for Britt's graduation!! Cool!!!

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We finally left at around 4:30pm yesterday. We had a very smooth drive and we made it to the Wisconsin Dells around 11:30pm!
We stopped at this Super 8 motel. It was very nice and VERY cheap!!

The kid's sleeping arrangments the first night!!
The kids actually did very well in the car on the long drive!
The crazy thing is that for some reason we realized that there was
was someone that kept following us everywhere we went! :) We couldn't
seem to shake them at all. You can see the car in this picture! The strange thing
is that they are right next door to us in the hotel room too???
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

We our 1st ever Trunk or treat last night at our church!!
It was such a fun night and I was happy that so many people cam out for this!!
this first picture is of Caleb and you can see Heather in the back ground. I regret to tell you all that somehow the rest of my children pretty much escaped being in pictures!! However enjoy some of the pictures I got from the night!!!
Heather and Katie are doing puppet team this year
they had so much fun!! Katie is the puppet in the yellow scarf
Heather helped with the haunted house in the background! The
message was "fear not"!! It was very cute!!

This is my friend Melissa from Church!!
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More trunk or treating pictures!!

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More trunk or treating pictures!!

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