Friday, November 02, 2007

We finally left at around 4:30pm yesterday. We had a very smooth drive and we made it to the Wisconsin Dells around 11:30pm!
We stopped at this Super 8 motel. It was very nice and VERY cheap!!

The kid's sleeping arrangments the first night!!
The kids actually did very well in the car on the long drive!
The crazy thing is that for some reason we realized that there was
was someone that kept following us everywhere we went! :) We couldn't
seem to shake them at all. You can see the car in this picture! The strange thing
is that they are right next door to us in the hotel room too???
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Mari said...

Sounds like a stalker - I heard rumers of someone following you and I would be very afraid!
Gklad it's going well - have a great time tomorrow!

Rob said...

Interesting website... I have always wanted to go to Haiti

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I thought too- perhaps you had a stalker- If they look anything like the Adams Family- mainly Wednesday- I'd be really afraid!