Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nate's birthday

I have been gone way to long from the blog. I kind of took a break as I was not taking many pictures and just was having writers block.

I figured I would first start with these pictures. Nate had his 40th birthday on June 14th. Some friends decided to drop by while we were gone and decorate our bedroom!!! They did a nice job!! They are the SAME friends who decorated our house in the past!!!! Its nice to have good friends!!!!

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Gone for TOO long!!

June 20th was Katie's 11th birthday!! Happy Birthday Katie!!!

This picture is really behind!! These were flowers that I received for Mother's day this year!!
The carnations and the bouquet in the middle were flowers that I received from the Haitian church we go to quite a bit. They were doing a fundraiser so Nate bought flowers this year from them!!! They were SO beautiful!!!