Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just some saturday scenes from around the house. I cannot wait. We are going to a Guatemalan dinner tonight. A friend of ours has an aunt and uncle that are gourmet chefs and they are putting a going away party on tonight for a friend of ours that is going to Guatemala for 3 months to go to Spanish Immersion school and to help out with a mission down there!! I will try to take my camera tonight to get some pictures!!
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I love this time of year where all the flowers start coming out! I had a nice surprise today when I recieved a dozen roses!!
No they are not from my husband or my children. they were actually from one of our neighbors!! They are so pretty. My neighbor said that he has a friend that drives a truck and the roses were not good enough to keep but he told my neighbor to go ahead and give them away to anyone he knew!! I haven't seen roses for a long, long time so I will not complain how I got them!!!
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This was one of Nik's art project that he had to do for school. He had to make a person out of pipe cleaners and clay. this is Jack. He is a skier. I thought he was pretty cute!!!
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Mother's day Mom!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for being such a wonderful Mother and Grandmother!!!
The Lord truly blest me the day that I was adopted into your home!!
I couldn't imagine calling anyone else MOM!!!!!
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