Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Your love oh Lord!

This song will forever remind me of Haiti now. We sang it once up at the rock during prayer/devotions and then we sang it again at the Port-au-prince fellowship church where Troy and Tara go. I thought of the words when I was up at the prayer rock looking at the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other and it was breathtaking!!

Pray for our Guatemala team

I just got a call that the Guatemala team is stuck in Detroit. Their is a hurricane that hit Texas today and is affecting the Houston airport. Planes are still flying in but the flight the team was supposed to take they couldn't get on because for some reason it was full even though they were booked on it. Hotels are getting booked and flights are starting to back up in Houston but please pray that the team can at least get on a flight to Houston today yet even if they have to spend the night in the airport. Pray for a calm and a peace and an understand to why this is happening to the team and God's has in store for them.

Pastor Rony's house

Pastor Rony is awesome!!! He has 7 kids now. They live in a 2 room house with 9 people. You will NEVER hear this man complain!!
He truly shows the love of Christ! A few of us were fortunate to be able to help paint his house and Amy had a great idea of putting hand prints on the door and we all signed our handprint!! It was so neat. Tiffany is writing We love you in Kreyol!

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Monday, August 04, 2008

Coast Guard Festival

For over 80 years Grand Haven, Michigan has hosted their annual coast guard festival. It is two weeks long and there are carnival rides, awesome food, awesome fireworks on the last night and you can even tour some of the coast guard ships. It was such a gorgeous day on Saturday that at 1:00pm we decided to head out to Grand Haven to check it out. There were thousands of people!! However we love to people watch so we had a blast with the kids. The board walk is about 2 miles long I think and we would walk out to the pier. It is so beautiful and right on the shores of Lake Michigan.

We spent time touring the ships, which the kids, loved. The best part of it was that it was free!
We had lunch at a neat hot dog place and then found a great seat to sit and watch the fireworks. They were fabulous!
Of course I forgot my camera. We had a few pictures on our phone but we need to get a card to get them off. Someday I will remember to bring it with me!!

Cool pictures

Nathan took these pictures one morning. Two of them are of a humming bird.
I am not sure what kind of bug the other one is but it was really pretty.

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Wahoo bay

We like to be able to recharge a little when we are halfway through our mission trips. Wahoo bay is a beautiful beach.
This time there were quite a few Jelly fish around so we did have to be a little careful. Nate and Zach did end up getting stung. They both said it hurt but that it was not terrible. A few of the team members went snorkeling. We usually only spend a few hours at the beach and then we have a nice dinner at the resort and afterwards we are ready to get back to business.


This is Amy, Hope and myself. Yes our chairs did get tipped over a few times in case
you are wondering!!! :)
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