Saturday, February 10, 2007

I apologize in advance that I have no pictures to blog. I cannot believe I forgot to bring the right cord to plug in to upload the pictures.

I have to say I LOVE it here!! Haiti is Breathtaking in places and heartbreaking everywhere at the same time. It has been so busy that I have hardly had time to check emails. On Thursday we were able to visit an orphanage. It was not a typical orphanage as the kids had plenty of room to run and play and they were ALL so happy and very well loved. We were able to bring 40 of the t-shirts that our team kids made and the kids were so excited.

For all of you wondering about Phoebe. Wow!!!!!!!!! Blog pictures do not do this little cutie justice at all. She is just so precious.

Yesterday we walked over to barbencourt. It was about a 20 minute walk and I have to say I really enjoyed it. We saw cows, goats and walked through a covering of palm trees. On one side you seem men working in the fields. Not sure exactly what they were working on but they were such hard workers. We were walking to see the kids being fed. I have NEVER seen so many children. We were told that the villiage had heard the blancs were in town and so everyone had to see the show. We were able to hand out a toy and a blow pop to each child. My mom and Nikolas were one team and Issac Livesay and I were another team. We stood by the gates and as the kids were down eating they would come to us for their treat. I really thought uh oh what are we thinking as I am about to be trampled. However it really was not bad at all and the kids were really very patient. However knowing the people here not sure if the suckers were a great idea as I think we may have added to the garbage problem!!!! I am just picturing 500 blow pop sucker sticks and wraps all over the village! Oops.

Yesterday Kim Jeltema and myself were painting. (I will be humble and admit that the local artist grabbe the brush out of my hand and told me I use to much paint, LOL!!) Well I never said that I was an artist I figure the more paint the more coverage!! I probably will NOT be asked to paint again!!

Last night we went up to the cross and Troy Livesay brough this guitar and we sang around the cross!!! It was truly amazing!!! God is so awesome and has shown us so much this week about how he takes care of everything before its even asked.

Nikolas is having a great time. Nik and Issac have become great friends. I have never seen Nik so calm. I think this has been soooo good for him.

Today Nathan and Jason will be doing Pastors training. I will be able to watch as much as I want and I will work on getting pictures.

Julie, this is for you. Jason is very well behaved. I get after him when I need to but so far he has been a good boy. LOL We have had some great talks between Nate, Jason, Jeremy any myself. I promise to get some pictures for you today. I just wish I could find a cord to upload them.

It has been truly amazing meeting all the people that I feel like I already know.

Yesterday sitting on the steps painting I was able to spend time talking with 5 haitian workers that work on the mission. They were asking me all kinds of questions about home and myself and all kinds of things. at one point they asked me if I preached. I laughed and said 0nly when God needs me too. All of a sudden Nate appears out of no where, seriouly no where. and I looked up at said now that man can preach what do you need to know. They started asking all kinds of questions about Christ, salvation, and some really tough questions and we were able to share so much. Another thing that was cool is that all of a suddent Jason and Jeremy showed up again out of now where and we were able to share TRUTH with these guys. They have so many misconceptions and has been so lied too. It is so sad. Pray for the. One of the men was named Watson. (Jasan Hoppa, not sure if you will read this but he says hello) He has invited Nikolas to come and sit in his class on Monday. That will be cool. Anyways the lies these people have been told about Christianity and salvation and how to be saved is so sad. It was truly a GOD moment that only he can give.

I guess that is enough for today. I will try to keep posting more here.. We have not been able to get up on the guest blog but will see if someone can today.

Cheri, Julie, Michelle. I cannot tell you how much I miss you. I know you 3 are praying because I have such peace about being here. Thank you!!!!! I also here about you going out for lunch without me. Hmmm we will have to talk!! LOL just kidding!!!