Thursday, February 07, 2008

Too funny!!

This is just proof that God ALWAYS provides!!!!!!!

check this out Haiti team at airport

Both flights have left Miami and are on their way home!! Yeah!!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Haiti team update

Here is the newest update:

Most of the Haiti team will be flying to GR tomorrow via Chicago at 2:00pm
Flight 4006 American.

Aaron Bonk, and The Gates family will be flying into GR tomorrow via Dallas at 3:05pm
Flight 3693 American

Thanks to everyone who prayed for them today.

this weather has been quite something.

Haiti team update

The team is in the air as we speak. They will arrive in Miami this afternoon.

Pray for them as they will have spend another night there.

American Airlines is rebooking the teams tickets. Of course they are doing it one a time so I will be getting 13 phone calls all together and I have to accept each one so pray for me to have patience to get through this!! LOL

This is the new flight data:


1379 Leave Miami at 7:30 am Arrive in Dallas 9:45am
3693 Leave Dallas 11:40am arrive GR 3:05pm

It will be a happy day when they are finally home!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update on Haiti team

American airlines just called Diane and told her that the Miami to Chicago flight has been cancelled already. Not a good sign. Not sure what is going to happen but I will try to keep you all posted on what is going on.

New update:

Chicago to GR has just been cancelled as well. Will let you know anything new when it happens.

My husband is coming home today! Hopefully!

Please keep the Haiti team in prayer today as they head their way home!

Their flight is supposed to be in Grand Rapids around 11:25 pm.

Pray that even if we get a ton of snow that the flights are NOT cancelled or that the snow stops this afternoon or even early evening and that the winds stay somewhat calm.

I am trying NOT to worry as I know that God already knows the outcome of this day and I do completely trust Him and His wisdom.

I am just so anxious to see Nate again! Sounds like it was an awesome mission trip!!!!