Friday, October 05, 2007


The weather is beautiful and we are going camping again!! This
time we are going to Holland State Park!! I will try very hard to
remember my camera this time!!! Hope you all have a great weekend

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A little about me!

I have been tagged by Melissa over at Melissa's world!!

1) 10 years ago! Wow. Nikolas had been home 1 year from Russia and we were just spending tons of time getting to know him. You can see his picture up above!!!

2)5 years ago: 5 years ago on October 24th we add another daughter from Russia. Ekaterina! Hard to believe it will be 5 years ago this month!!!! You can see Katies's up above also.
3) year ago: LOL I am begine to see a patter here!!! We had just brought home our newest Daughter Hannah!!! You can see her referal picture up above too!!!

4)Yesterday: I babysat Jeff and Michelle Janssens children so they could spend the day up at the hospital and then last night went to Mission Mobilization
.5) 5 snacks I enjoy: Chocolate, Peanut butter cookies, chips and cheese,.Cheri's whoopies pies that she makes (YUM!!!!) Peanuts
6) 5 things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million: Pay off all our bills and start a foundation for adoptive families, start another foundation for people and families to go on mission trips, Buy an airplane so we can just pick up and go, Pay off my friends bills so they could all go with me!!
7) 5 locations I would like to run away to: Russia, Austraulia, New Zealand, Haiti, Switzerland
8) 5 bad habits I have: getting mad at people who (in my opinion) are bad drivers, eating too much, eating junk food, talking instead of listening, Yelling at my kids too quickly
9) 5 things I like doing: hanging out with my friends, being online, reading, listening to music, Camping with my family
10) 5 TV shows I like: mm...this is hard, I don't really watch TV, Deadliest catch, law and order, House hunters, Emeril, ?
11) 5 things I hate doing: dusting, Laundry, helping with math homework, Mowing, cleaning my 3 bathrooms.
12) 5 biggest joys of the moment: Knowing that Jesus loves me, Knowing I have awesome friends, Having a wonderful church to attend, Knowing that some good friends will be coming in a few weeks to stay with us, Knowing that our 17th anniversary is coming up in a few weeks.
I tag Kimberly, Tori, Tammy, Kathy F.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

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Nothing new for today

I do not have much to post today so I thought I would share some of the pictures of the Livesay Baby shower that we had in Haiti. We had so much fun!!

Kimberly made up these shirts for the kids! They were so cute!!!

Phoebe is sooooooo cute!!!!

We even had food at our baby shower! That was fun and interesting!!!
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Monday, October 01, 2007

My Weekend

Wow!! A girl doesn't post for a few days and I get nailed to the wall! LOL Glad to know I have such caring friends out there!

We actually left Friday evening for a weekend of Camping. We went to Muskegon State Park and the weather and the park were just beautiful! Nice big campsites. We were right across from a large sandune and the kids just spent hours on it playing. Which made a nice quiet weekend for me.

However I made one big mistake! I left my camera at home again. Ugh! I was so mad at myself.

So that is where I was and no update.