Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We are home from the doctor and things look good!! Yeah! Praise God no bones broken, no little fractures. He does have a good sprain going and his foot is wrapped up but he should be able to go to school tomorrow! I am one relieved momma!!!

Thank you all for the prayers!!!!


If you could say a little prayer for Caleb this morning that would be great!!!

I need to take him in to get X-rays on his ankle and foot. He was playing on a neighbors tramp last night and another child in the neighborhood came down on his foot wrong and he heard something pop. It is not black and blue at all thank goodness but he cannot walk on it.

Thank you so much.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not much new

Not much new going on. I was able to have lunch with a wonderful friend of mine today! Thanks Cheri I needed that today!!! We also had a wonderful day yesterday with our awesome home group!! I found this poem today and I really liked it so I am sharing it with all of you!!!

Save me
Save me from myself,
Save me from my need
To always run my life,
Lord,To control my every deed.
Save me from my pride, Lord,
My focus on just me;
Help me learn to serve, Lord;
Show me how to be.
Save me from the world, Lord,
When tempting things entice;
Remind me of eternityWith You, in paradise.
I give my life to you, Lord
My every need you fill;
I’m resting in my faith, Lord
;You saved me, and you always will.
By Joanna Fuchs