Monday, March 10, 2008

Anonymous gift!!

Yesterday Nate and I had a nice surprise waiting in our mailbox at church!!!
We received one of those wonderful Day spring Faith forward cards and the song was
Chris Tomlin's "How great is our God"
Inside of the card was a 50$ gift certificate from Circuit city! My jaw dropped! I was speechless for a few minutes. (That says a lot for those of you who know me) It brought tears to me eyes. The card was not signed but you can bet I tried to decipher the writing on the envelope! We do not know who this is from but if you read my blog or you know the person who does please tell them thank you from us!!
We thank you so much!!!! It was such a nice surprise and blessing from God!!! I think Anonymous gifts are the most fun thing in the world but I would love to thank that person!! LOL
Thank you, thank you!!!!