Thursday, January 17, 2008

Storms force flight cancellations at Atlanta airport

My parents were supposed to leave this mornng for Guatemala. They were going on a 7 day mission trip with my Aunt and Uncle and 36 other people from another church.

My parents plane was supposed to leave at 7:00 and I got a call from them a little after 8am this morning that they were home! I knew they were flying to Atlanta first and there wasn't a blizzard here so I was stumped. They said that Atlanta had a snow storm so they closed the airport down. Actually I read reports and it sounds like they have about .4 inches of snow and it was icy.

Now they will try again at 3:00pm. However they will have to stay overnight tonigh in Atlanta and reach Guatemala tomrrow sometime during the day.

Pray that their flight gets to leave. I know how dissapointing it can be and they are looking so forward to this mission trip.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Statistics 101

Tuesday night at our Mission Mobilzation meeting I was asked by my good friend Sango to attend his Statistic class as our Local university where he is a professer! I thought why not! Sounds like fun. I talked my friend Diane into going with me!! This first picture says it all!! It was a lot of fun seeing Sango teach! He is a great teacher. However I am still unsure of what was taught! LOL The kids seem to really like him.

this first picture of Diane was really an accident but I thought that it it quite well with our understanding of Statistics going into Sango's class!!!

Sango and myself!!
Sango handed Diane and I a copy of this paper above. I took one look at it thought HUH??!!! Below is two pages of notes that I took. I cannot explain what it says however. There were a few things that actually made perfect sense! Thanks God for those couple of moments because they could only come from you!!! My brain and math do not mix well.
Are you following my notes Okay? Looks pretty simple
doesn't it!!!!

Sango with his students
I can now say I went to College!! Thanks Sango for allowing us to come visit your class for a day!!! You are a great teacher and it was fun getting to see what you do outside of church!!! God has given you a great gift!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weird things

Okay Nate did his first of course and I have to follow his wierd things post. Oh boy.

ThanksTori and Jennifer for tagging me!! LOL

Lets see.....

1. I am NEVER without a book. Whether I am carrying one in my purse, car or bag I always have somthing with me to read. Its a sickness!

2. I LOVE flying! I love everything about it. I like sitting in airports just people watching. I never mind having long layovers.

3. I hate coffee. However, I love the smell. Makes no sense to me. However I do love Cappechino but I do not think of that as real coffee. It has to be from the gas station though. None of that "real" cappechino.

4. I hate coats. I hate wearing them. You will hardly ever see me with a coat on.

5. I spend time mapping out vacations and cruises on expedia tht I will never take! I just love doing the research and dreaming about it. I just love everything about traveling.

6. I have a love for foreign languages and would love to learn one but I had a spanish teacher tell to no take anymore language courses because I have what is called a language block. How so why would I have a total love for languages if I am not able to ever learn one? Weird.....

7. I love making copies at church. I know it sounds boring but for me it so relaxing! Good thing I practically live in the copy room at church!! I know weird...

I am tagging Cheri, Karla and Tammy

I'm wierd

Okay Tori, This is for you. Somehow even though I have tried to avoid this whole blogosphere thing I have still been tagged. I should know if I comment that makes me free game. So I have to come up with 7 wierd things about myself. That is hard as it is usually others who see the "wierd' aspect of oneselves, but as Tori told me today, everything I do is wierd so this should be easy!
1. I actually do what teenage kids tell me to do. wierd
2. I allow teenage kids to come along on mission trips. wierd
3. I allow teenage kids to take my picture and then use it for blackmail. wierd
4. I laugh when a teenage kid comes up with a joke. Potlucky wierd
5. Sometimes I would rather hang with teenagers than with adults. wierd
6. I parole disobiedient teenagers for good behavior. wierd
7. I stalk blogs to catch up on what is going on in peoples lives, even brainless teenagers who ramble for hours about things that no one can decifer. wierdest
There you go. I guess that was not so hard. By the way, feel free to tag me any time. That was fun! Love ya Tori!!
Nate out