Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm wierd

Okay Tori, This is for you. Somehow even though I have tried to avoid this whole blogosphere thing I have still been tagged. I should know if I comment that makes me free game. So I have to come up with 7 wierd things about myself. That is hard as it is usually others who see the "wierd' aspect of oneselves, but as Tori told me today, everything I do is wierd so this should be easy!
1. I actually do what teenage kids tell me to do. wierd
2. I allow teenage kids to come along on mission trips. wierd
3. I allow teenage kids to take my picture and then use it for blackmail. wierd
4. I laugh when a teenage kid comes up with a joke. Potlucky wierd
5. Sometimes I would rather hang with teenagers than with adults. wierd
6. I parole disobiedient teenagers for good behavior. wierd
7. I stalk blogs to catch up on what is going on in peoples lives, even brainless teenagers who ramble for hours about things that no one can decifer. wierdest
There you go. I guess that was not so hard. By the way, feel free to tag me any time. That was fun! Love ya Tori!!
Nate out


Melissa said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I just about screamed when I saw that spider!!!!!!!! Ewww!
Anyway, nice wierdness things. It's wierd how all of them have ties to one certain girl. :) haha

Mari said...

It's nice to see a post from you even though you're telling us nothing new! I've known you were wierd for years!
Now that I know you know how to leave comments, I'll be expecting a few. Then again - maybe not. I hate to think what you might say!

Diane said...

Wow - where do I start??? Hmmm... you are like a big kid yourself so it makes SO much sense that you get along well with teenagers!! Good thing one day you'll have 5 of your own to deal with ALL DAY LONG!!! :) #7 - "no one can decifer"... I betcha you know what she's talking about, though!! :)

One more thing - what's with this new sign off line?? "Nate out"?? Out of what? Mind?? JK - I still want to go to Haiti in July! Love ya!!!!!!!

the teenager said...

haha, love ya too. i guess... just kidding. please let me keep my ticket!!! please...

this is what i have to say to you:
1)congrats on your listening skills!!
2)you would be so sad if i didnt come along. there would be no potluckys and i bet it would be so much more boring w/out me along. and i am not the only teenager-sam and aaron!! haha... and you let nick come too, so *sticking tongue out at you!!!
3)i havent even blackmailed you!! not yet anyway... but i will take that as permission!! sucker...
4)hey, that was funny. potlucky funny.
5)awww... thanks. sometimes (lots of times actually) i would rather hang out with adults then with teenagers too. but i bet you will wish you never said that in about 20 days huh... (i meant to make that into the trip a little bit too)
6)WHAT? i dont even get that... sorry.
7)people do understand me. rambling is a gift. and if i was brainless i would be dead and you would not be getting this comment. ooh... what now?!?!

You are definitely going to regret that "feel free to tag me anytime" thing. I guarentee it. Maybe we should all have a big game of tag in the airport when we have delays. HA! yeah right...

nate out? do you want to be a pilot or something? gees... get with the century, people are into being missionarys now!! lol, well you should be anyways. haha.

long enough comment for you? i hope so. bye.

tori out... ;P

Brenda said...

Hey Tori
#6 think about pet shops