Thursday, January 17, 2008

Storms force flight cancellations at Atlanta airport

My parents were supposed to leave this mornng for Guatemala. They were going on a 7 day mission trip with my Aunt and Uncle and 36 other people from another church.

My parents plane was supposed to leave at 7:00 and I got a call from them a little after 8am this morning that they were home! I knew they were flying to Atlanta first and there wasn't a blizzard here so I was stumped. They said that Atlanta had a snow storm so they closed the airport down. Actually I read reports and it sounds like they have about .4 inches of snow and it was icy.

Now they will try again at 3:00pm. However they will have to stay overnight tonigh in Atlanta and reach Guatemala tomrrow sometime during the day.

Pray that their flight gets to leave. I know how dissapointing it can be and they are looking so forward to this mission trip.


Diane said...

God has a purpose for everything and sometimes (probably most of time) we don't understand at the time why He would postpone such a God-inspired trip! He knows and that has to be good enough for us. I'm sure He'll be working miracles through them within the next couple of days and this slight delay will mean nothing.

On the other hand, I know all to well how aggrivating it is to have to wait!!! :)

Chad and Tammy said...

What a bummer! I'm praying that they'll get off safely this afternoon.

Mari said...

I heard they were having some weather issues down south. I hope they have left by now.
We got a text message from Andy yesterday saying - it is sprinkling snow here and everyone is going crazy!

Mari said...

Me again - love your new header!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Boy those southern gotta buck up! Love your new header!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

That's too bad- Praying they get to take off this afternoon!