Monday, August 04, 2008

Wahoo bay

We like to be able to recharge a little when we are halfway through our mission trips. Wahoo bay is a beautiful beach.
This time there were quite a few Jelly fish around so we did have to be a little careful. Nate and Zach did end up getting stung. They both said it hurt but that it was not terrible. A few of the team members went snorkeling. We usually only spend a few hours at the beach and then we have a nice dinner at the resort and afterwards we are ready to get back to business.


This is Amy, Hope and myself. Yes our chairs did get tipped over a few times in case
you are wondering!!! :)
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T♥RI said...

haha oh look, both those chairs did used to have 4 legs each. hmm well one of them only has 3 now. me and paige are good thinkers ;)