Thursday, June 15, 2006

These are pictures from the GuangZhou Social welfare institute where Abbey and Hannah spent the first years of their life. It was a powerful day. Abbey and Hannah were thrilled to see their friends again but it was hard for Hannah to leave again and cried for a little while. Hannah has a little friend that is just adorable. His picture is on our camera and we are now in a mission to get him a home!!! He is a doll and we would love to have a family near us bring him home as Hannah and this boy were good friends.

We were able to see where they go to school and we were able to video Hannah doing a dance with her class. Talk about a tear jerker. So sweet!!!!! In the top picture Abbey was showing the group how she could do Heather's hair. Heather was not so sure about this and was a little scared of all the kids. She was out of her comfort zone and it was very good for her to see how these kids are growing up with out parents. It also remind us why we are always on the hunt for finding adoptive parents for the kids in the world so for all you families that have thought about adopting watch out!!! :) Just kidding!!

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Sammy said...

I found my son in the 3rd pic down in the green shirt and bald head.