Thursday, June 15, 2006

These are some typical pictures of China. GuangZhou is a very big city with tons of buildings very close together and a lot of people. A lot of people ride motorcycles here.

These pictures are very typical of what you see.

Some of you have asked us what the Weather is like here. It is HOT and HUMID!!!!! We have a thunderstorm or 2 every single day. The weather is like a big wet blanket on the city and you can't hardly breathe its so humid. However there are 2 very nice pools here that we try to use in between rain drops.

The kids are having so much fun swimming!!!

A little more about Hannah. She is a very sweet tenderhearted girl but she also has a small temper. Wow! Just like the rest of our kids!! She has a huge smile and she loves to show it to everyone! She loves to yell out hello to those passing by!! If you really want to know what Hannah is like just spend 20 minutes with our little boy Caleb!! Yep you guessed it! they are just a like!!!! Hard to imagine. She loves hair and when we asked our translator to tell Hannah that we would let her hair grow out she was so happy and so excited. She also loves to dance and we will be happy to show the world how well she can dance!!! It is precious!!!

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