Wednesday, June 14, 2006

June 14, 2006.

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!

We have been having so much fun in China, but today for the first time we realize how good it will be to get home to the other kids. We so miss them. Robin, sorry we missed your call, we were out shopping yet and didn't get back until late. The shopping here is incredible. We can buy and buy and not spend much money!! The funny thing is its not me that wants to buy it all!!! :)

I am going to try to add some more pictures here for you to enjoy. Everytime I try something happens and they end up not posting. The two pictures above were from near the beginning in Beijing. The two families we are with are so much fun. The one picture above is of Teresa and Alyssa Bonk, Al, Carey and Zachary Richardson, Us, and our tour guide for those 3 days Silena.

Some of you may remember that Nathan had a vision about Hannah just before we left that he had help her up over his head and she giggled and when she smiled her teeth were kind of bad. We had never seen a picture of her smile before so we had no idea if her teeth were bad or not. Well the very cool thing is when we picked her up at the Civil Affairs office the first thing Nathan did was pick her up and she giggled. It was precious and Nate said it was the exact same giggle that he heard in his Vision. Then she smiled and her teeth are NOT too good and we were just in awe that the Lord showed us this BEFORE we knew Hannah and it was just HIS way of showing us that we were truly in HIS will and what an awesome feeling that is!!!

Chad B.-- Nathan wanted me to remind you to turn in your Spirtual Journal!! :)
Tammy B-- Squeaky shoes are coming!!! :)

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