Saturday, June 17, 2006

June 17th.

We did not get a chance to post yesterday as we had a very busy day doing lots of nothing!

Actually we had a fun day. We always meet Teresa and her girls for an 8 am breakfast. The place where we eat breakfast is just beautiful and one of these times we will actually remember to take a camera to show everyone where we eat every day. We are near a beautiful indoor waterfall with a small river that is loaded with Large golfish.

we have been spending tons of time at the pool and today for the first time things have stayed dry and it is more hot than humid. Thankfully. Humidty is NOT my friend. However Heather seems to do well with it as her hair has never looked better and she is just glowing.
China has been good to her.

Abby, Hannah, Heather and Alyssa are becoming very good friends. They has so much fun together and we have hardly had any incidents of fighting between any of them.

Last night we went out to our favorite Chinese restuarant. I do not know the name of it but the sign says its the best cantonese food in Guangzhou and it is very good. On the way to the restaurant you have to pass a place where you can pick out your own food. Let me just say that thankfully we ate BEFORE we went in their to take pictures. It was NOT pretty. Cheri, I wish you were here because I would have to take you to lunch there!!! :)

It would make a great diet plan to visit this place before every meal!!!

As you can see in one of the pictures below Alyssa bonk was quite unsure of her selection!!

The girls were very happy that we did not eat in this restaurant.

We did quite a bit of shopping last night as well and we laugh so hard at times. We have a ton of fun teasing Teresa. Last night she bought 7 t-shirts for her family. They all say something like big brother, grandpa, grandma, mom, dad and so on and got them quite cheap we were in a hurry as we were on our way to the river boat ride. Well after a few minutes she realized she forgot to get Abby and Alyssa one and off we went back to the store. She bought two more and when the clerks gave her a higher price than before she stomped her foot and said BUT I just bought 9 t-shirts wheres my deal and we all laughing so hard and we were so tired we were almost giggly and we were teasing her so bad because she stomped her foot at the girl. Now most of you that have been in GuangZhou know how they beg you to come into their stores and they they will give you best price for adoptive parents so when the price was higher teresa just let loose.

We have to take pictures of the stores yet so when we get back I will update my blog with all the pictures off of our camera. I am very sad that we cannot upload them from our camera.

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