Monday, July 21, 2008


Sunday was a nice quiet day. I hope to add my own pictures soon. however for now you can go to this blog and read about some things that happened during the day. We had an awesome storm go through last night and the lightning was just beautiful.

Go here:

We are in the same house as the new missionaries Adam and Amber. They are a very nice couple and we have been having a good time getting to know them better.

Thanks for all the prayers and keep them coming!!

nikolas, heather, katie, hannah and Caleb. miss you tons!!!!

Today we start our first day of Vbs. We will probabaly have between 150 and 200 kids so pray that the chaos will be limited! :)



Mari said...

I checked out the link and loved the pictures!

Melissa said...

Great pics! Good thing Nate's around to take care of them spiders! Have fun! :)

karla said...

Nate and Brenda:

Praying for you all!! Have a great time!!