Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am trying to post a few pictures. Yesterday was a beautiful at the beach. A few people were stung by jellyfish. They were everywhere. They were so pretty too look at but they do hurt. Such a strange sea creature. We had a very nice dinner at the resort and I had chicken creole. Yum! It is a spicy sauce like you would have on spicy chicken wings. Which you all know my favorite food is chicken wings! :)

Today we are doing VBS for the Barbencourt kids. It is amazing at how well it is going. The one on the mountain was a ton of fun but I felt so out of it. Someone told me that was due to the high altitude. I never even would have thought of that. The ride down the mountain was one of the scariest things I have ever done. Picture a truck going down a donkey trail with no barricades on the sides of the road and you can look right over the edge and see down the mountain. wow! Talk about trusting God. Amy and I said bible verses a lot of the way down. The view's were so beautiful but quite scary!!!

Pictures are not loading properly. I am sorry but will try again later.

Thanks for the prayers that you all have been saying for us!!!

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