Saturday, July 26, 2008

last day in haiti

hard to believe that tomorrow we head home. I apologize for not updating more and with pictures. We have had very little time to blog and when i did it was hard to put things into words.
This was probably one of the best trips i have been on yet. i will be writing more after we get home. Thank you all for the prayers. Amy, i know your knees must hurt by now! your prayers were VERY much felt and we have so much to tell you!!! Thank you for the emails too that you sent us and the cautions. It is so wonderful to have friends that listen to God's voice and are willing to warn at any costs!! VERY much appreciated!!!

Thank you michelle for picking us up! We appreciate that so much. We are heading to port in two waves. 6 of us head out with Troy in the morning and we are headed to a cafe in port while Troy has praise team practice. The rest of the group will leave here at 8 with Tara. We have two many people for one vehicle with the luggage. i get to head out with the first team. it will be a day of tears as we leave good friends that we have made.

We had a huge thunderstorm go through a while ago and now we are going to walk up to the cross to see the lighting that is over the Caribbean.

love to you all!!


Mari said...

I bet watching lightning from the cross is an awesome sight. I can't believe it's been a week - we're ready to have you all back again though!

Anonymous said...

Praying right now for safe travels.

Cherdecor said...

I can tell from reading many blogs from Haiti that this has been an unforgettable experience! God has done wondrous things and used each one of you tremendously! I wish I could hear your reports when you get home.