Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nate's day

Nate and Troy spent some of the morning doing some plumbing and they also looked at a possible mission house/ ministry center house today that is for sale. Needs a lot of work but we thought it might be awesome to rent/buy a house for the mission needs in Port instead of giving the money elsewhere.

They spent a good part of the day getting things planned out and discussing what will need to be done. I believe it went really, really well.

As you know Mari is our prayer warrior this week (I should say one of many, but she was actually asked to pray specifically for our trip for the whole week) She emailed us at one point and asked what we had done that day around 9:20-9:30am. She said she had the urge that she needed to pray right then and had a few things that came to mind. Well we pieced it together and that was EXACTLY the same time that they were looking at the training center/ministry center!!! How cool is that! I love how the Lord works!!

It has been a really good day. We had a lot of fun just playing with the kids tonight and hanging out this evening! Jeronne makes the best beans and rice EVER!! Troy has also introduced us to the bread store right across the street. We have had that for lunch. I have had a LOT of bread in my lifetime and this is the BEST (I MEAN BEST) I have ever had!!! Okay to Amy, Diane, Tori and Tammy - I have not done my best since finding this bread but I guess its only for a week!!! LOL


Mari said...

I love when God works that way too!
Enjoy the bread, it's just for this week.

Chad and Tammy said...

That's so awesome how God led Mari to pray at just that time!

You eat all the bread you want, girl! I know I would! :) You can be good when you get back!

Diane said...

Glad to hear things are going well and don't worry about the bread... enjoy it while you can! ;)

Anita said...

So cool when the Holy Spirit is SEEN so evidently speaking to us!! Awesome to read all the updates and "see" you all! :)