Sunday, January 25, 2009

500th post from Haiti!!!!

After a fitful night we flew into Port-au-Prince at 12:30pm! It was a very smooth flight and was only 1 1/2 hours long. It went by so fast!!

Troy and Tara picked us up at the airport and we went right to John and Beth Mchoul's for a wonderful lunch!! I also met two adoptive mom's whose blogs I read. That was really neat for me. The kids they are adopting are adorable. If you read Lori and Lecia's blog from Cazale we were able to meet their dad Zach. He is a very nice guy and a little crazy!! Troy will be putting up a video on his blog soon of something he did while we were at Heartline!

Right now we are hanging out and relaxing. I will try to post what we do each day. We do not have a set schedule and I have not taken any pictures yet. Hopefully that will start tomorrow!

Nate is feeling okay off and on. Its hard for me to explain what is happening but its his stomach.

Praying tonight for a good nights sleep!!!

Thanks for the prayers! We are really feeling them.

The weather here is awesome!! It is so beautiful. Nice breeze. I cannot hardly imagine snow back home!!

Nikolas, Katie, Heather, Hannah and Caleb we love you! I wish I could take this warm weather back to you guys!! Be good!

Tiffany its crazy for me to be here and you not be here with me!!!

I just found out that Issac does not like certain words! If you want me to explain it to you then email me!! LOL

Until later!!!


Jennifer said...

Nate didn't eat any of the peanut butter products that were recalled did he? Mark's doctor thinks that may have been what made him sick last week. (Peanut butter crackers are like a staple in the Hill house. I dumped them all now.) He never threw up but he said his stomach would just ache incredibly and then he would be fine for awhile and then an hour or so later back with intense stomach pains.
Either way I pray that Nate is feeling better really soon and that this doesn't keep him from accomplishing what he has set out to do.
Enjoy the heat!

Anita said...

YEAH!! You made it!! Will be praying for sleep and for Nate too. Enjoy your warm weather and that God will be doing through you guys!! HUGS!

Diane said...

I'm so happy that you're there safely and ALREADY having a great time... except for Nate's stomach issues! Many prayers are being offered for you and this trip! Take care and take lots of pics!!!

Terry said...

Hanging on every what words doesn't Isaac like? you have my email :-)

Mari said...

Glad you are safely there. We'll keep praying for the stomach thing and for your time to be both fun and productive!
PS - I do read Lori and Licia's blogs and I'm not surprised their Dad is crazy!

Cherdecor said...

I am glad that you made it there safely. Will be praying for Mark's stomach issues. I hope it wasn't the peanutbutter.

A Stone Gatherer said...

So glad you are safe and sound in Haiti! We will be experiencing another cold "SNAP" today! It would be appreciated if you could figure out how to bring some of that back with you! I would be thrilled with 50!!!! Praying Nate is better and that what needs to be accomplished will be.

Lynda Varner said...

Hope you are enjoying the tropical weather and spending time catching up with your friends. I'm excited to do that myself next month! If you get a chance, stop by Three Angels at 91 Delmas. Ask to talk with Michel, our clinic manager. Praying for God to bless your trip as you seek to do His work!