Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heartline Woman's ministry

Today I was able to go with Tara to help out at Heartline Woman's ministry! It was a fun day. On Tuesday they work with the new moms. Today we did Hemoglobin tests on the woman and that it was I helped with. They also have a really neat sewing program and they sew purse that you can purchase. The purses are beautiful!!! On Thursday's they work with the woman that are pregnant and do check ups. I believe that I will get to help out that day as well. This ministry is run by John and Beth Mchoul. I had heard a lot about them through Troy and Tara and it was joy to get to meet them this trip and spend time with Beth.

This little baby was only 3#.

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Diane said...

That baby is a-dor-a-ble!!!!

Hmmm... purses you say... my b-day is coming up in a few weeks... hint, hint! ;)