Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have been tagged

My friend Anita has tagged me.
Now here's where the real crazy fun begins....I have to share 7 random/weird facts about myself.
1. I have been to Russia (3 times), China, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Haiti (will be going on my 4th trip in January)
2. The two that I really, really want to visit again are Russia and Haiti.
3. Nathan and I will be having our 18th anniversary on October 26th. We met when I was a sophmore and He was graduating high school. He was dating one of my best friends at the time! :) Nobody thought we would last!!!
4. I wanted maybe one child when we got married. God had the last laugh!!
5. I used to have friends with Mohawks and at one time I had blue hair. :)
6. I wanted to be an archeologist when I was growing up.
7. Some people think that I am very sarcastic. I have no idea why they would ever think that.
I am supposed to tag 7 people so 7 of you please do this! :)


Mari said...

Interesting facts. I think 37 is a bit suspect though. I've never thought you were sarcastic!

Anita said...

BLUE HAIR? Oh you've got to share that photo!! :) Thanks for playing Brenda....I have to say it is fun to read all the interesting tidbits about our friends. And look at all those countries you've been to...WOW...Canada and China are it for me....SO FAR! ;)