Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adoptive family needs help!

Some of you know that at one time we were trying to help families adopt from Irkutsk, Russia (where two of my children were born). in 2005, due to a family killing their little girl that they had adopted from this region, the judge there decided American families would no longer be able to adopt through her court. Since this is illegal for her to do and say this there are families that have been waiting for over 4 years to bring their children home. These families are incredible and are putting all their faith in God.

There is an American family there right now going through the court process. Please read this blog post below and if anyone can help please email my friend Kathy at: kathy@mmprod.com

Kathy has also been waiting a long, long time to bring their daughter home. Prayers are welcome!!

Hello friends,

I have a plea. As many of you know, we’ve been on a fight (with several other families) to bring our DD home from Irkutsk for over 4 years. One of the other families who is fighting with us has been able to get a court date in Russia…this is HUGE because the Judge in that region has not granted an American a court date since 2005.

This family went to court a few weeks ago, and after 8hours, they were told the hearing was postponed. They went back to court this week, and after many more hours and many not-so-common in-court occurances – the case was again postponed. I don’t want to go into great detail here, but know the reason the case was postponed is crazy! And has nothing to do with the child, or this family.

So, this family will need to go back to court for a 3rd time. Of course they have incurred incredible expense in this process…and more than anyone ever anticipated on this trip. They had to change return flights home – to the tune of over $2,000!

The stress this family is under is enormous. The outcome of their case will pave the way for so many other American families who are waiting to bring children home from this region.

The husband will return home to work, but will be required to go back for the 3rd court hearing (that will happen in 4-6 weeks). The wife is staying in the region (too expensive to fly home, and then back again).

We are confident that this family will be successful, and they will be able to bring their DS home…but not until they have suffered and endured more than any of us could imagine.

I want to help them, and this is why I am posting this note.

I am begging any of you who have frequent flyer miles or AmEx (or other) points to spare – please help this family. The thousands and thousands of dollars they have spent – and are going to spend – on airline tickets is overwhelming. If we can help them ease this burden in the slightest – I know it will mean EVERYTHING to this family.

Please email me if you are able to help…

Thank you in advance for your big hearts

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could help with the flights but I don't have anything like that....but I can pray...and that I will do!!