Friday, October 10, 2008

update from my friend that has cancer

I received an update last night from my friend that has cancer. It is easier to add it here rather than email everyone:

Thank you for thinking about me today . Your positive prayers are soooooo important! I see God working because of it. Please don't stop!

Praise report - Two different oncologists agree that we're at the beginning of this "annoyance". Both doctors agree that I have a great chance of survival! YAY! PRAISE GOD!

Okay - PLEASE continue to pray for my strong body and immune system. Despite this "annoyance", I am very strong.

Please, Please pray for an a VERY positive result of an upcoming surgery. 1/4 of my lung will be removed on Dec 22. It is a serious surgery. I would like a fast, and excellent result from this surgery. I would like you to pray for the doctors doing this surgery. I will be in the hospital for 5 days.

Please pray that my husband will have enormous patience and feel very comforted by the Holy Spirit. My mother in law will be coming in to help around the house (thank God!). I don't want people to forget that my husband is going through this almost as much as I am.

Please pray for a speedy recovery.
Again - thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts! Please Don't Stop!


Cheri said...

Oh- I'm so happy to hear those reports!!
She has such a great attitude- I just keep thinking what a great testimony she's going to have WHEN SHE BEATS THIS!!

Mari said...

Yeah - that's a great answer to prayer!

A Momma in Waiting... said...

Thank you for this awesome report! Terry

Cherdecor said...

You have heard of Footprints in the Sand. I think that the Lord is carrying this dear lady!

Anonymous said...

Praying for your friend Brenda. Both of my sisters went through breast cancer within 7 months of each other. Tell your friend to be positive and she is absolutely right.....she has cancer but cancer DOESN'T have HER!!!
Love ya