Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My heart just hurts for Haiti right now. I want so bad to just be able to pick up and fly down there. I know I would most likely be in the way but some of the places that were hit hard were places where are teams have gone and driven by or know people in those areas.

It makes it even tougher.

This link will bring you to a blog called the Real Hope for Haiti. There is a place where if you feel called to donate they would be so grateful. they have an awesome mission and the work they do is tough, tough, tough. They take on the tough medical cases and run an orphanage.

Please keep praying that these people will feel Jesus. That they will accept Jesus and know that even though they are in the middle of a tough time Jesus in holding them close and that they would know that they have an eternity with Jesus waiting for them someday. Pray that they feel hope in the midst of this devestating trial.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting the word out! God bless you!