Friday, February 01, 2008

Photo history Part 1 - Heather

My friend Cheri asked us to share old photos of our children!

What a great idea! I am going to start hear with Heather. for some reason I have the most pictures of her! Probably because even though she was our 2nd child she was our first newborn.
Heather and Arianna!!They were so cute together!!

Heather age 9


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

That picture of Arianna and Heather is so cute. I have an adorable one of Heather at the airport waiting for Arianna to get off the plane!
Great memories.

Anita said...

GREAT pics, Brenda! It's amazing to see how much your kids have changed...especially Hannah and her pic with the smiles are just so contagious and her heart is healing! Can't miss your wonderful smile in those pics too! HUGS!

Kathy Friend said...

Oh my - what a beautiful girl! Such beautiful eyes!