Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The team is on the ground in Miami and Nate said he cannot believe how warm it is there.

They were heading to their hotel and they were able to check their luggage for tomorrow! Sounds like it all arrived with them too! NOW that is a miracle!!! :)

I am now going to take a much needed rest. Not as much of a rest as Tammy and Diane as they had a very stressful drive! Thank to both of you for driving!! You are both so brave. I think we were up ALL night listening and watching the wind and the snow.

I cannot even tell you the hours that the 3 of us put into computer time and phone time with everything that went on! I am off to a HOT, HOT shower and then dinner with the kids! They have been SUPER good today and I am soooooooo proud of them!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for all the prayers!!! We are also so thankful too becuase my friend Michelle and her Guatemala team is safe home and sound today too!!! Thank you, God!!!


Chad and Tammy said...

I was so glad when Chad called and said they were in Miami! I told him this would probably be the best night sleep and the hottest shower he would have for a week!! :)

I'm so glad that the Guatemala team made it home safely!!

Mari said...

That's a lot to be thankful for. Enjoy your evening!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Yeah! Enjoy your shower and sleep well.

Diane said...

Mike called me too last night and I talked to Tori - she was all sugared up! (Anna gave her a "care" package with all kinds of goodies for the plane and whenever). She left me a comment on my blog last night - check it out - same Tori!