Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Haiti team and weather!

Well for those living in Michigan the weather this morning has been something else. Ice, blowing winds, blizzard like conditions, lots of snow.

It is also the same day that my husband was to leave for Haiti. He is leading a team of 13.

They were VERY delayed this morning and they ended up missing their plane in Chicago.

However God is so good and Nate called me a few minutes ago with news that a flight was available in 30 minutes to Miami and he was VERY positive that they would make it and still make their flight to Haiti today!!!

Thanks to all those that have been praying!!! It is so appreciated!!!!

I will update more later!!!

New update:

Nate just called me and now they are NOT able to get on that flight. They are heading out right now to rebook their flights but figure unless a miracle occurs that they will be spending the night in Miami.


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Well at least they are somewhere warm. It also will give the Livesay's a day to settle in together since they just got home from the hospital.

Mari said...

Thanks for the update - I've been wondering. At least they will be in Miami and not spending the night in Chicago!

Anonymous said...


My friend, and Tara's, Kris, is heading to Miami tonight and flying into PAP tomorrow. Did you happen to meet her when you were there? She is also from Rochelle.

Her husband has been working in Haiti and she is going to meet up with him there!

I'll be praying!