Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving!!

We would just like to wish you all a very happy Thankgsiving!

We have been so blessed with our family and all the wonderful
friends that the Lord has given us over the years! You know who
you are and I cannot thank you enough for putting up with me and
my sarcasm!!!

I cannot thank the Lord enough for the blessings he has given us!


Mari said...

We wish you all the best too - thanks in return for putting up with my sarcasm! (that goes for Nate too!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all too!! It was so good to meet you all!

May God bless you all!


A Stone Gatherer said...

Hope your family has a happy Thanksgiving!

Chad and Tammy said...

I hope you guys have a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful to have you as friends!!

Kathy Friend said...

Hope your family had a wonderful joy filled Thanksgiving!