Friday, February 16, 2007

I really enjoyed Haiti. I have to say I was not sure what to expect. Like I said before when you get off the airplane your first thought is how heartbreaking. After driving for an hour you realize how breathtaking this country is also. The kids are the sweetest. They all want to talk to you. Yes they all ask you for money but how do you make them realize you do not have money on you either. When Nate was in Haiti in November they would all ask for one dolla. Now they ask for 5 dolla!! I guess inflation rises in Haiti also.

This picture is priceless. We were at a church service in a town called Luly. It is near the ocean. Church was awesome!! Their praise was like no other. They do NOT hold anything back. They are not worried about what the person is doing next to do them. They do not care what others think of how they are praising their Lord. They just let it all out and dance and shout and sing at the top of their voice. We have so much to learn about that. The Holy Spirit is so evidence in their worship.

My prayer is that we can get over our hangup and worries about what other people are thinking and just really learn to Praise the Lord. The pure joy in the faces of the people was just so evident. I will add some of those pictures in my next post.

This pictures was taken at sunset at Wahoo bay. This flower was so beautiful!!! Posted by Picasa

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