Tuesday, June 20, 2006

OUR FAMILY IS NOW A CATEGORY 5 HURRICANE!!! (That is what it will feel like when we get all of our kids together)

June 20th 2006

Only 1 more day and we leave for home.

Yesterday our Bethany Guide went to the U.S consulate on our behalf. He went for 3 families. The Bonks, The Bridges (a family that just arrived that is with Bethany)
And us. We were happy as our children’s passports came through today after a computer glitch happened and they were not sure we would get them on Monday and we were a little worried that we would not get to come home when planned. However for us we only had one small problem. All the paperwork had Nathan’s correct birth date on them however when they were translated by the Notary office they translated it wrong so the official document read that He was born June 14, 2006. So they had to retranslate one. The kicker is that WE had to pay for the mistake the notary made. Luckily it wasn’t too much but we are trying to figure out why WE had to pay for this mistake.
The Bonks had a problem also as the consulate said that they needed the Federal tax records from them and not state. Luckily they said that they would let it go this time. Well Thank God for that. However if the consulate would actually look through her tax records it would show that he ACTUALLY had submitted them. She had submitted both just in case. The Bridges however were not so lucky and it sounds like they will have to stay a few more days as their home study had ONE line that the consulate was picky about and this family was told they would need an addendum done before they could get a visa for their son. It was something that was written wrong by their social worker. Hopefully they can get this faxed back quickly and it will be done soon.

We are excited as Al and Carey Richardson and Zack and their new son Luke should be here anytime and we will have one day with them before we leave for home. You will remember this is the family that traveled with us from Grand Rapids. We split up in Beijing as their son was in Shanghai and they had the glitch where because of a summit going on in Shanghai the passport office was closed until Monday. They will now not come home until Friday.

This picture is of some friends we made at a store called Jordan’s. Their names are Jason and Wendy;
I hope you all had a good day. We will be home soon and I can’t wait to see everyone.

We are having a blast but getting lonesome for everyone.

Hannah had another very good day. I am hoping that she will not get shy when we get off the plane so that everyone can see her true personality but I have a feeling she may get a little shy at first. She is such a sweetheart!!! Trust us! She’s a keeper!!!

It is 6:05 pm right at this moment which means in 24 hours we will bee seeing everyone!! How cool is that!!! We just got back from the U.S consulate where we had our swearing in ceremony and Hannah officially received her Visa to enter the United States!!! She told our guide that she is very happy to go to America.

Love ya all!!

We had a few people us to post a reminder on the blog as to what our flight details are.

Tomorrow we will be leaving the hotel at 5:35 am and our first flight to Tokyo leaves at 8:30 am. We then catch a flight to Detroit and arrive in Detroit around 2:30pm. We have a 3 hour layover in Detroit to get through customs and Immigration. It will be exciting as Hannah officially becomes a U.S citizen when the plane hits the tarmac!!!

Our flight to Grand Rapids arrives at 6:05pm via Detroit on Northwest Airlines!!



We love you sweetie and we will celebrate when we get home!!!!! We miss you!!!

Nikolas and Caleb!!! We miss you!!! It won’t be long now and we will be home with you!!!!!

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