Sunday, June 18, 2006

June 18

Today we went to a park. The statue is of the five rams. It is from an old legend of how the city was founded. We have learned alot of history and we did not realize how bad the Chinese had it during world war two. It is interesting to see how the chinese live. In the park (and everywhere else} people play a game like hackysack but with what looks like a large badmitten birdy. Many older people play this for excersise in groups of five.
As Brenda usually writes I will give you my take on Hannah. I know this is why you read this sight anyway. I wish you could see our pictures but you will have to wait.
In the pictures you have seen it may look like she does not smile much. This could not be farther from the truth. She is always laughing and giggling. She loves to play and is very energetic. She has bonded with both of us which is very nice. Any insecurities she had are gone. Today at the pool she would jump into my arms from the side and let me hold her with one hand while she swam. As you know this is sure sign that she trusts me. She even wanted me to take her under the waterful. She has been scared of that until today. There is no problem with the language as she has figured out when we don't understand to show us with hand signs. She is already speaking alot of English and can name all her brothers and sister and Grampa's and Grandma's by name! It is as though she is saying " I have been waiting for you to come get me, what took you so long?" We know God has always planned on her bieng in our family and cannot wait for you all to meet her.
The weather is unbelievable. It is so hot you cannot stand to be outside. This morning at 9:00 it was 90 with about 95 percent humidity. Then in the afternoon it storms everyday and seems to get hotter.
The accomidations here are great. We are living well above our normal lifestyle and the people are so nice. We have made many new friends.
See you all soon!

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