Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Writer's block

I have a bad case of writers block. I have enjoyed in the past when blogger's would just tell everyone to ask them any question that they want. I figured I might as well do that here!!

So feel free to ask me anything.

Don't worry I will post my updated pictures of my room soon.


Cheri said...

I'm having writers block too- it's a struggle to come up with new things to say!
I don't think there's much I don't know about you so I'll just patiently wait for your block to pass!

T♥RI said...

ok this is honestly the first thing that came to my mind when i read that. ready for this?? ok.

favorite soup. :]

Terry said...

Do you think there are any more kids in your future...?

Can I ask more than one?

Dawn said...

Wht's your favorite local restuarant?

Mari said...

Yeah - it came up! Here is my question:
What is your favorite thing to do as a family>