Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Questions I was asked.

1. Tori

ok this is honestly the first thing that came to my mind when i read that. ready for this?? ok.

My Favorite soup is Cheese Broccoli! Yum!!!

2. Terry
Do you think there are any more kids in your future...?
Only God knows the answer to that question. We are VERY happy and satisfied with how many kids we have at this time. I love how they are all getting older and its getting to be a little bit easier. However that is usually when God shakes things up again! :)

Can I ask more than one?
Of course you can ask more than one!!

3. Dawn

What's your favorite local restuarant?
My favorite restaurant is On the Border. Best fajitas hands down!! :)

4. Mari
What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

The biggest thing we love to do the most as a family is go camping. We have so much fun together. We have a really nice 30ft trailer and its very comfortable. Now that the kids are older camping is SO much easier and less stressful. Can all hang out and relax with eachother. We love to go swimming, hiking, sit by the campfire, hang out on the beach.

that was really fun!! Keep the questions coming!! I enjoyed that!!


Mari said...

God answers - I should have known the camping one!

DawnS said...

Okay - I will jump in on this action!

1) Which of your kids is the most bossy or ummm... the best leader?

2) You mentioned (or Nate did) about so many different mission trips going to Haiti, but that if trips and projects could be coordinated so much more could be accomplished with each trip... is this something that you guys are actively working on?

3) Things are really tight ($) with us right now, but we would like to help out for your next mission trip. Is there anything that you could use/take with you that we might be able to send you?

4) Do you plan to be in the Alabama area anytime this year? :)

5) What country will your next child come from?

(Sorry I just couldn't resist that last one and I am totally cracking myself up right now - this is loving teasing ya know :))