Monday, February 16, 2009

Room remodeling

The past few months have been crazy in our house. We did NOT plan a ton of remodeling this year but we had some water damage and we got money from insurance to get this fixed. We knew we would have to paint and get some new french doors. We knew that some day we wanted to turn our great room into a Caribbean room! We figured that would be WAY in the future. These are before pictures.

This is how my old computer desk looked like just a few days ago.
The picture above is AFTER we had the water damage fixed and Nate and a our friend Jason put in new can lights. We were just planning on repainting and getting our new doors put in.

However as we were waiting we ended up painting our dining room and our hallways. Plus we put new can lights in our dining room. I posted about that awhile back.

We decided we did NOT want to paint the walls white again and needed some color for a change. We figured we might as well pick out the colors we would want for our Caribbean room. We picked out a color called Island shores. It is kind of a salmon color. We also were out shopping one night and decided to look at tile and we found some VERY cheap. We could hardly believe it!! We have a good friend that knows how to tile and Nate and Brett trade work quite a bit so we figured we would also able to put our tile in this year too. Now that is a miracle because we thought we would be waiting a year to do that! The picture below is after painting. We do not have our tile in yet but everything is purchased. We hope to have that start this Saturday.

The tin art that you see was ALL purchased in Haiti. We went to a village that specializes in this we were able to watch them make these items and purchase them from the artists themselves. I was VERY impressed. For those of you that are going on our next Haiti trip this is going to be one of the places we go to before heading to Ti Guave!!

The picture below I am VERY excited about!! I have a new home office!!! As you can see our built in computer desk is history! I really never liked it because it was an eye sore in the the room and never looked right.

One of the items that we would really like in our Haiti room is a couple of palm trees. We have been looking all over but they are really hard to find. The one place we had not looked at yet was Pier 1 imports. Nate and I had never been there before. We went in looking for palm trees and came out with what you see above!! :)

They had some awesome sales and the desk above was Originally $500 but we were able to get it for just over $100!!! The wicker basket storage set was on sale as well. We had also been wanting a new printer but figured we were just fine with what we had even though it was not working great. Because of the way we have our desk now our old printer did not reach the computer tower. As you know Circuit city is going out of business and so off we went searching for a wireless printer!!! We got the last one!!! It was on sale for $69!! I was SO excited!!! It even does 2 sided printing!! This was probably the best valentine's gift I could have gotten!!!! :)


Jennifer said...

Looks great!

Tiffany said...

It looks soooo GOOD!!! So so so good!! It's exciting to see the art on the walls!! Yay! :D

Cheri said...

How nice- I really love the desk- it looks great.
I got a little something for Valentines Day too- I'll show it to you next time I see you :)

Terry said...

Love the look! Don't you just love tin some myself when I was in Haiti but nothing nearly as big as yours! Pier 1 is one of my favorite places. We are looking for a desk...I should head on down there right now! oh yea, I would need some money first....:-) Enjoy your new room!

Mari said...

It's looking good! I was hoping you'd post some pictures.

Chad and Tammy said...

It looks great!!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Looks great! I love the printer! I love your room to, but I'm into printers i guess!!

Cherdecor said...

Your house looks so good! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to remodel and get things changed up a bit. I love you Valentine's gift too. It looks like it can wash your dishes too!=)